Arneesh & Clones

April 5, 2017

In today's channeling session Annunaki King Arneesh discusses cloning. Does it exist and are humans being cloned and bought back as different people? We also discuss other related subject matter.  


Soul Catching -Armeesh The Anunnaki King

March 22, 2017

Today Arneesh talks about soul catching and what really happens to humans when they die. This is a very interesting conversation because it also explains the need for religion and politics on this planet. 


Is The Flat Earth Real? Armeesh The Annunaki King

March 16, 2017

Today Arneesh speak about the confusion and lie over the Flat Earth Theory. He explains why this theory has been such a good convincing tool to confuse the minds of human beings. Arneesh says the Earth is not flat at all. 


About Human DNA - Armeesh The Annunaki King

March 14, 2017

We taped a casual conversation a couple of days ago with Annunaki King Arneesh about human DNA. Seeing that the Annunaki created human beings you might find this an interesting listen. 


Spirit Airwaves Episode 2: Beyond the Veil: What Happens When We Die?

March 12, 2017

Spirit Airwaves Episode 2: Beyond the Veil: What Happens When We Die? We explore this episode on Spirit Airwaves with Stephen, Charles and Bess . . .


Chattel Interview 2: Geo Engineering and Nibiru updates

March 12, 2017

Today Chattel returns to further warn humanity. Here we explore how geo engineering and Nibiru are tied together . . .


Armeesh Interview Part 2

March 7, 2017

Today we speak once again with Annunaki King Arneesh. He speaks about Annunaki technology and the great alien creatures that move within the Universe. He also speaks on human technology that is damaging our bodies and the harmful rays we are all being baked in. 


Spirit Airwaves Episode 1

March 4, 2017

Spirit Airwaves Show 1. Steven, Charles and some of the female spirits come together to make their first show. We discuss current events as well as humor and fun. Some of the females talk about growing and what's happening to the system.


Spirit Airwaves Launch

March 1, 2017

Spirit Airwaves is a robust and entertaining look at spiritually channeled content. We explore fascinating topics such as UFO's, Annunaki, Alien Life on Earth, Dimensional Creatures, Fallen Angels, Watchers, Ghosts, Demonic Entities and the Supernatural.  Listen in as spiritual beings host the show. Guest Call In Number: (646) 787-8313


Feminism & UFO’s ?- Interview With Gretchen

February 28, 2017

This interview is with Gretchen who is a strong female spirit with her own opinions. Gretchen is a warrior and she believes in the right kind of feminism. She is not pleased with what is happening today. We are also discussing UFO's with Immesh popping in for a few minutes to join in the conversation.