Trnsgender Bending . .. Rule The World By Deception

September 14, 2017

what should be normal isn't and what is messed up is now considered normal. Are you confused about what's really going on? Wait until you hear the rest....


Carpetbaggers,, False Prophets, Liars & Scammers

September 13, 2017

Victoria and I discuss the rise of the false prophets / Conmen and how to spot these charlatins. 


Orthello Speaks A Dire Warning

September 11, 2017

Orthello is a Reptilian Prince who has a message to humanity. He hopes humanity believes this message is received as fictitious so they can destroy more of humanity. Expect more damage and weather across the planet. 


NASA Downloaded This Message From The Aliens: Do You Want Us To Come?

September 5, 2017

In today's podcast we review a message that was put out across the internet, where Aliens are asking humanity "Do you want us to come." Considering what is going on today shouldn't the answer be clear? 


Move Away From The Coastline Now!

September 3, 2017

In today's podcast Chattel the Grey gives humanity a final warning to move away from the coastlines. He also made a serious prediction about an upcoming EMP. Stephen is also on this podcast and reviews events he has also watched occurring.


What Is Going On With Wal-Mart?

August 31, 2017

3 months ago 'The Ancients' spoke about Walmart centers being used for many different reasons in the very near future. Houston residents are being bused into Walmarts to be taken care of.  We once again share what was forecast a few months ago in this podcast.


Warning From The Reptilians & The Eclipse And What It Signifies Fr Humanity

August 22, 2017

In this poodcast Mike & I discuss what the eclipse means and we are interrupted by a reptillian channeling with a dire warning for humanity . . .


Message From Reemus

August 5, 2017

Today Reemus has a message to all Elites worldwide. He wants you know a few things and you are not going to like the message he brings. We also speak on the current volcanoes and earthquakes and why they are increasing. Aliens will be moving closer to earth this month as events heat up on earth. 


The Final Countdown - Nibiru almost here . . .

July 19, 2017

This podcast is a mish mash of events as they unfold. Nibiru, aliens and more . . .


Werre Back! More good stuff and a bit of a rant . . .

June 27, 2017

Today Mike and Victoria speak about the last month and why they have been silent. They also give more warnings about future events yet to play out. This podcast goes for nearly an hour.